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Try On Your New Smile with New Look Now...

Brighter, Straighter, Whiter... What Would You Change About Your Smile? 
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Cosmetic dentistry is a rapidly evolving realm of the aesthetic medicine industry. With advancements in laser-technology, 3D printing, invisible teeth-aligners, and take-home teeth whitening solutions, there are now more ways to get a perfect smile than ever before. Despite their increased prevalence and modernization, these treatments still require a relatively sizeable financial and personal commitment. It can be difficult for newcomers to navigate the various types of procedures that are offered and to determine which one is right for them. 
We Can Help You Pick Out Your New Teeth 
Fortunately, New Look Now is here to help you pick out your new smile! With our predictive imaging technology, you can "Try On" practically any type of cosmetic dentistry procedure. By simply uploading a photo of your smile and choosing the treatment(s) you'd like to have simulated, you can receive images of yourself "wearing" what could be your brand new set of chompers. This way, you can make an informed assessment on the type of treatment you think is right for you.
You Are Not a Stock Photo!
Yes, there are other types of "treatment visualizers" out there. These tools mostly utilize generic filter-effects or face-morphs that treat you like a cookie-cutter stock photo model. In the process, your individuality is taken for granted and your “results” are usually highly inaccurate. 
We understand that every individual has a distinctive look and a unique set of aesthetic needs. Each treatment simulation performed by New Look Now has your individuality held in its core. With NLN, you get to see realistic (potential) results that are as close to the real thing as possible. 
There are no filters or automatic face morphs involved. Your photo upload is carefully processed, altered via our predictive imaging platform, and then quality checked by our team of certified professionals. The end result is an image that truly depicts your potential post-treatment future self. It’s as close as you can come to looking ahead in time. 
Our Promise 
New Look Now Smile Simulations
New Look Now's predictive imaging technology is providing unparalleled realism and personalization to the realm of plastic surgery and aesthetic enhancements. We can offer you an intimate and accurate look at your potential future self. Our treatment simulation results are professionally-certified and used by a wide-variety of leading brands within the aesthetic medicine industry. All it takes is a quick photo-upload and you'll be able to see what you could like after any type of cosmetic enhancement or aesthetic surgery. 
Try on your new smile today and see for yourself!