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Try On a Cosmetic Treatment with New Look Now…

Want to see how you’d look after a cosmetic enhancement procedure? Let us help… 
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Aesthetic medicine is having a bit of a renaissance at the moment. Enhancements of all types are becoming more socially acceptable, the technology behind these treatments is improving exponentially, and individuals have more opportunity than ever to achieve their ideal aesthetic self.
Unfortunately, the practically endless options and combinations being developed in the realm of cosmetic enhancements have made it increasingly difficult to decide on a treatment plan that’s right for you. As choices for both surgical and non-surgical procedures expand, many patients are left aimlessly guessing which aesthetic path suits them best. 
Even if you happen to have a perfectly clear idea of your treatment plan, it’s still the type of purchase that requires a relatively strict commitment. With over-the-counter cosmetics and beauty products, you can usually test out samples before you commit to a purchase. Even online clothing sales have begun to provide options for trying out items before any payments are made. Cosmetic enhancements are a bit trickier. 
Still, as a modern consumer, you deserve to be able to “try before you buy”, regardless of the purchase type. That’s why New Look Now’s predictive imaging platform is the ultimate tool for this new age of aesthetic medicine. With the help of our treatment visualizers, you can see hyper-realistic depictions of what you could look like after practically any surgical or non-surgical cosmetic enhancement. 
We Can Help You Pick Out the Cosmetic Treatment Plan That Fits You Perfectly 
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New Look Now is here to help you find your new look! By simply uploading a photo of your smile and choosing the treatment(s) you'd like to have simulated, you can receive images of your potential future self. With our predictive imaging technology, you can "Try On" procedures, create different treatment plans, and know for certain which options will help you achieve your specific aesthetic goals. 
You Are Not a Stock Photo!
Other forms of treatment predictions and visualizations/simulations do exist. With Snapchat and Instagram filters, home assistant technology, and other mostly gimmicky apps, you can see extremely warped versions of yourself with relative ease. These tools mostly utilize generic filter-effects or face-morphs that treat you like a cookie-cutter stock photo model. In the process, your individuality is taken for granted and your “results” are usually highly inaccurate. 
When the “visualization” process is extremely automated in this fashion, the results become over-generic and underwhelming. Relying on a few basic formulas to deliver an image of your future self is no way to decide on potentially life-changing purchases like aesthetic enhancements. 
New Look Now doesn’t take the “you” out of the equation. We understand that every individual has a unique aesthetic build and a distinct set of enhancement needs. Each treatment simulation performed by New Look Now has your humanity and individuality held in its core. With NLN, you get to see realistic (potential) results that are as close to the real thing as possible. 
We don’t use generic formulas or filters to deliver results. Your photo upload is carefully processed, altered via our predictive imaging platform, and then quality checked by our team of certified professionals. The outcome is an image that truly depicts your potential post-treatment future self. It’s as close as you can come to looking ahead in time. 
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Our Promise 
New Look Now's predictive imaging technology is providing unparalleled realism and personalization to the realm of plastic surgery and aesthetic enhancements. We can offer you an intimate and accurate look at your potential future self. Our treatment simulation results are professionally-certified and used by a wide-variety of leading brands within the aesthetic medicine industry. All it takes is a quick photo-upload and you'll be able to see what you could like after any type of cosmetic enhancement or aesthetic surgery. 
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Try on your new cosmetic enhancements today and see for yourself!