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Breast Augmentation Visualizer

Plastic Surgery Visualizer

Plastic surgery can be expensive, and if you're unsure about what you want, it can be very, very scary to decide on a procedure. What if it doesn't turn out the way you're expecting? What if the surgery you wanted actually looks terrible on you? It's impossible to know!

Even worse, finding a surgeon who will be able to see what your end goal is and who has the skills to do the procedure leads many women to give up early on in their search for a good, reputable plastic surgeon. 

Fortunately, the headache and worry that surrounds the results of plastic surgery is becoming less of an issue. More than ever, qualified surgeons are gaining the skills they need to do their best work, and technology allows us to easily visualize what we could achieve if we choose to augment any part of our body. 

Breast Augmentation Visualizer

Your Lifesaver: The New Look Now Plastic Surgery Visualizer

Luckily for all women who have seriously considered getting a procedure but have been too afraid because they weren't sure how it'd go over--New Look Now has developed unique imaging technology that allows you to "try on" a surgery. It requires no additional equipment! Simply upload a photo of yourself from any device, and use our free, online interface to see what a cosmetic surgery procedure might look like on your body. Whether you are looking to make your crooked nose more sightly, your butt a little perkier, or augment the size of your breasts, this unique technology will be your lifesaver!

Revolutionary Breast Augmentation Visualizer

For many women who weren't born with the voluptuous, desirable curves we see on the Victoria's Secret runway, breast augmentation is the only way to naturally increase the size of their bust. While visualizing what a breast augmentation will look like can be done by stuffing your bra, this can leave you with lumpy-looking breasts. This technique does not give you an accurate idea of what a real breast augmentation will actually look like, nor is it an easy way to communicate with your surgeon just how much larger you want your breasts to be. To simplify and quantify the changes that you can make with a breast augmentation, New Look Now has a specific breast augmentation visualizer that can help you decide on exactly how much you would like to add to your figure. 

Breast Implant Visualizer

Why use a Breast Implant Simulator

While it is certainly possible to speak with a surgeon and get a special insert to wear in your bra so that you have a realistic idea of how breast implants will change your appearance, but you still won't see what 'your' breasts could look like. The New Look Now breast implant simulator is a way to see the changes on your own body--and it is certainly easier than trying to find a bra that can accommodate the fake breast implants!

How to Use the Breast Implant Visualizer Tool

New Look Now is incredibly easy to use. Simply go to our website, upload a photo that gives an accurate representation of your body now. From there you can expect to recieve your simulated photo back by email within 24hours. 

Upload Your Photo

What to do After Using the Breast Enlargement Visualizer

After getting a feel for how to use the breast enlargement visualizer offered by New Look Now, you will want to start the more serious part of your preliminary research. Print out different images of yourself, using different breast implant sizes. Keep the backgrounds and color palettes of these photos simple, as you don't want to distract from the changes you are making to your body. 

After comparing the photos yourself, you might want to consider showing the options to those who are close to you. Ultimately, however, it is important that you are happy with what the change will mean for your body. The decision to change your body's natural appearance is big, and it is a decision that you shouldn't take lightly.

Once you have come to a conclusion as to what you truly want, it's time to consult with your local plastic surgeon.

To get started with visualizing your breast augmentation procedure, click here.

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