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Virtual Plastic Surgery With the Breast Augmentation Simulator

Breast Implant Visualizer

If you're considering breast implant surgery, you probably have a lot of questions. Your biggest concern may be your looks once the surgery is completed. After all, it's difficult to know which size breasts will look best on your body frame when you've never had them before.

If you're struggling with this decision or simply want to know how you'll look after surgery, New Look Now has created an application that lets you "try on" various aesthetic treatments from home. It's a huge breakthrough in technology for patients who have questions about breast augmentation - or ones who are trying to decide if surgery is right for them. That's probably why it's so highly praised by numerous organizations, including Fox News, Bravo, CNBC, CNN, HGTV, Oxygen and more.

If you're struggling with surgery choices, the breast implant simulator tool takes the guesswork out of your decision. Here's how to use it to prepare for your breast implant surgery:

1. Choose the breast implant visualizer.

Once you get to New Look Now's website, you'll have the option to choose from several different types of surgeries. You'll want to choose the breast implant visualizer option. (Though, of course you're welcome to try out the other options, as well. It never hurts to visualize the possible results from any aesthetic treatment before you try it.)

2. Upload your photo to the free body visualizer.

Next, you'll use the application to upload a photo of yourself. Make sure you choose one that targets the breast area so you can get a clear picture of your upcoming surgery results. You may want to use a side photo to get the clearest picture of your possible results after surgery. Be sure you follow the directions on the site exactly so there are no issues processing your photo.

3. Enter your contact information into the breast implant simulator app.

The site will ask for your contact information, so you'll simply input these details. Results aren't immediate because the simulator needs time to process the details of your treatment situation.

4. Receive your breast implant visualizer results via email.

Finally, you'll receive your visualizer results via your email account. Most patients receive their before and after photos within 24 hours of submitting their contact info. You can use these to discuss your options with your doctor, determining the best choices for your breast augmentation surgery.

The visualizer tool offered by New Look Now is currently the only one endorsed by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. It's also possibly the best option for visualizing your results before your actual surgery. You can use the visualizer to:

5. Decide whether surgery is the best option for you.

You may be on the fence about breast augmentation surgery, mostly because you can't imagine how you'll look afterwards. This tool can show you possible results so you can make a definite decision about choosing breast implants.

6. Decide which size implants are best for your body.

Even if you've already chosen to have breast implant surgery, you may still have trouble choosing which size implants are best. With the simulator, you can see the results of different choices so the answer to your question is clear.

This visualizer is truly revolutionary for plastic surgery patients. Once you get your results, you'll have an option to find doctors in your area who can assist with your treatment. If you have any other questions about your surgery, such as recovery time or financing options, talk to your doctor for guidance and clarification.